Sarah says....

I have recently read this wonderful book and as a result I am now reading it again...he...he...

As a born and bread Liverpudlian who has to deal with the cliches and stereotypes, I just want to say thank you for this remarkable book, showing exactly how beautiful Liverpool really is and what it has to offer.

I took my boyfriend to Sefton Park last Saturday, he's not from Liverpool but of course has grown to love the place, today when he returned to work he told people how he'd been through the posh parts of Woolton, Allerton, Aigburth and Mossley Hill, their immediate response was what posh parts, there are no posh parts there, he asked if they'd ever been to which they replied no..end of argument really!:)

We have also just recently had the 800th birthday celebrations, which made me feel proud and emotional, unfotunately none of this seemed to be broadcast beyond the North West region.

Anyway, congratulations on the success of your book and thank you for once again for providing this truely fascinating insight into the city, which I will use as a reference in future to anybody questioning why the city is so great!

30 August 2007 12:07

Kind but anonymous comment...

I applaud the writing and photography in the book. Probably the most pored over book I have in my Liverpool collection. On another topic, do you have connections with David Wood's Liverpool Pictorial ? He has a huge archive recording the development of the waterfront over the past 5 years which I find fascinating.

01 April 2007 12:43


from Andy Green:
LOVE THE BOOK! I'm fortunate to have at least one friend with taste and he gave me your fabulous book for Christmas. I thought I'd found my favourite Liverpool book in Quentin Hughes 'Liverpool: City of Architecture' - which you quite rightly describe as 'delicious' - but your's is even better! It's a beautifully honest, unpretentious piece of work that celebrates the achievements of the city yet acknowledges we've still got some way to go.

from Mick Moss:
Great book - makes me proud to live here.

from Professor Iain Taylor:
‘It's a very fine coffee table, up-beat book which reflects the new spirit of confidence in the future of the city. It covers all aspects of life with a breezy and informed style. .... Where it really shines is the imaginative lay-out and warm pictures (how many times a year the sun shines like that I am not sure! but the photos have been chosen and set up with great care - witness the one of the sun rising on a summer's morning behind the Anglican Cathedral as seen from Wallasey.

Feedback: from novelist Sue Haasler

"Your book arrived this morning, and I've spent all afternoon reading it (ignoring my daughter's pleas to help her draw arms on fairies, feed her etc). I just wanted to let you know that I think it's wonderful - you've done the city proud. Although negative things are necessarily mentioned, the overall impression is of the Liverpool I love - characterful, vibrant, full of history and culture, unique.
"I've learned loads of things I didn't know, too. The photography is wonderful, and the layout of the book is really good. I like the little snippets of information dotted around the main text, making it a book to be dipped into as well as to sit down and read seriously. Many, many congratulations!
"Thank you for a book I'll treasure."
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